Class Apps: Korean Contemporary Issues

There are currently three video presentations under this category:

Dispelling Myths about North Korea. Historian Suzy Kim from Rutgers University illustrates common myths in the mainstream media regarding North Korea. She demonstrates how teachers and students can deconstruct those myths through critical analysis focusing on Korea’s historical and cultural context as well as a comparative global context.

Japan-Korea: Histories that Bind. Japan and South Korea are neighbors whose cooperation in the 21st century is vital. Yet this bi-national relationship is challenged by complex, intertwined, often violent, and contested histories. Historian Alexis Dudden, University of Connecticut, traces the ways in which these two countries have been tied together and torn apart through the 20th century and argues that acknowledging history and learning from it will be essential if these two nations are to move forward. She discusses the current controversy over Comfort Women and briefly considers North Korea.

Korea Goes Global, Part 2. Catch the Korean Wave! In the 21st century, the South Korean government, along with Korean corporations and artists, have focused on the strategic creation and global export of popular culture, a.k.a. The Korean Wave (Hallyu). Political scientist Tony Robinson explains the concepts of “soft power” and “creative economy” in regard to the Korean Wave project and how the city of Seoul is defining a global era.