Class Apps: Chinese History

There are currently three video presentations available under this category:

Clothes Make the Nation: China and Globalization. Hook students through this unique approach to studying China’s modern transformation. Chinese historian Jeff Wasserstrom offers a novel and compelling analysis of China’s changing politics and its role in the world through an analysis of the clothing of China’s leaders and power brokers over time.


Hairy Politics: What’s in a Braid? Would students say they make a statement with their hairstyles? They are not alone. Historian Timothy Weston offers a rich analysis of Qing China’s society and politics,  by exploring the imagery and symbolism of changing hairstyles, particularly the Manchu “queue.”


Making Sense of Mao.  Designed as a an introduction for teachers, Chinese historian Timothy Cheek presents a brief overview of Mao Zedong, his ideology, and legacy through a consideration of three topics: “Why Mao?”; “Mao in History”, and “The Many Faces of Mao in the China of the Early 21st century.”


Taiwan: The Other China.

Make room for Taiwan in your curriculum. Chinese historian Timothy Weston offers a “quick course” on what—and why—our students need to know about Taiwan in the 21st century. Enrich your students’ perspectives today!