Class Apps: Chinese Government/Foreign Relations

There are currently six video presentation under this category:

American China Fantasies. As Xi Jinping looks to expanding China’s role in the world, historian Jeff Wasserstrom explores the evolution of US attitudes towards China. Looking at the past century and today, Wasserstrom discusses changing views of China, how and why these evolved, and how these correlate with US images of other countries—including Japan– in modern history

Dissecting the Rise of China: China’s Rise, Regional Security, and Domestic Reform. Political Scientist Orion Lewis offers a concise and insightful overview of China’s 21st-century rise to global influence, including implications for the Asian region and the world political and economic order, as well as the meaning of this rise for China’s domestic reform agenda.

Disputed Waters: South China Sea, International Law, and the Future of Asian Balance of Power. Political scientist Orion Lewis sheds light on the territorial disputes occurring in the South China Sea that continue to make regional and international headlines. Lewis breaks down the complex issues with straightforward terms, illuminating maps, and classroom-appropriate videos and documents.

China’s Changing Grand Strategy: China’s Rise, Regional Security and Domestic Reform. The philosophy behind China’s current “grand strategy,” as well as shifts and trends in this strategy and international and domestic impact are laid out in a concise, information-filled introduction for teachers by political scientist Orion Lewis.

Xi Jinping:(Re)Centralization of Power. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s attempts to consolidate power have garnered considerable attention inside and outside of China. As Xi’s institutional changes and anti-corruption campaign have targeted officials at all levels and, increasingly, potential critics, China scholars outside of China are trying to determine if Xi wants to save the Chinese Communist party through his campaigns or if he is attempting to gain power for personal gain. Jessica Teets discusses both theories and the implications of Xi’s (re)centralization of power.

Xi Jinping’s Reform Agenda. The “Chinese Dream”-what is it and how will it change China? Xi Jinping has offered a new and sweeping reform agenda, which he has labeled the Chinese Dream. Political scientist Jessica Teets presents a clear introduction to the promised reforms, how government policy is working to make good on the promise, and how it will change China.