A Bowl Full of Peace: A True Story

2020 Honorable Mention – Children’s Literature

A Bowl of Peace: A True Story by Caren Stelson, Illustrated by Akira Kusaka (Carolrhoda Books)

In this deeply moving nonfiction picture book, award-winning author Caren Stelson brings Sachiko Yasui’s story of surviving the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and her message of peace to a young audience.

Sachiko’s family home was about half a mile from where the atomic bomb fell on August 9, 1945. Her family experienced devastating loss. When they returned to the rubble where their home once stood, her father miraculously found their serving bowl fully intact. This delicate, green, leaf-shaped bowl—which once held their daily meals—now holds memories of the past and serves as a vessel of hope, peace, and new traditions for Sachiko and the surviving members of her family.




Other Awards: 

  • 2020 Nerdies: Best Nonfiction Picture Book
  • Kirkus Best Children’s Books, Winner, 2020
  • Chicago Public Library Best of the Best Books, Winner, 2020