Geremie Barme, @chinaheritage on now and then.

Teach about Contemporary China? Check out two new NCTA Class Apps from the University of Colorado Program for Teaching East Asia.

Demographic Cliffs and Economic Reforms. After decades of double-digit economic growth, China is now facing the "new normal" of lower economic growth. Political scientist Jessica Teets offers a crash course in the changing Chinese economy, discussing factors of change and how China needs to reform its economy going forward.

Disputed Waters: South China Sea, International Law, and the Future of Asian Balance of Power. Political scientist Orion Lewis sheds light on the territorial disputes occurring in the South China Sea that continue to make regional and international headlines. Lewis breaks down the complex issues with straightforward terms, illuminating maps, and classroom-appropriate videos and documents.

New Online course starting in January - WAR and PEACE: VOICES from JAPAN.

In this 12-week online course, we will consider the experiences of the people of Okinawa, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, both in war time 1945 and in post-1945 peace time. What can we learn from the experiences of these people? How have their experiences informed discussions in Japan about war and peace? How can we incorporate the voices from Japan in our classrooms? The objective of this course is not to debate who was/is “right” or “wrong,” but to carefully consider the experiences and voices of the people in Japan who were impacted by the events to be discussed.