NCTA Alums Share Innovative Approaches to Teaching East Asian Art

Start Date: March 4, 2017
End Date: March 4, 2017
Time Detail: 1:30-3:20
Location: Hilton/Concourse H/Lower Level, NY City
Type of Course: Other
Audience: National Association of Art Educators (NAEA) Annual Convention attendees
Course Description: Three award-winning art teachers and National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) alumnae will share their innovative studio projects to challenge teachers to move beyond the commonplace lessons typically associated with China, Japan and Korea. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the history, context and contemporary concerns surrounding the traditional arts of China, Korea and Japan and will make several exemplars to take back to the classroom. Leaders will share examples, lesson plans, and resources on several art forms of East Asia at all levels, including connections to Common Core Literacy Standards and AP Studio Art/Art History. Hands-on projects will reinterpret and expand on traditional approaches to origami, calligraphy and ink wash. Some of the activities will include: Understanding Omoiyari through Social Activism, Chinese Tang Dynasty Garden Design, Contemporary Korean Brush Painting, and Calligraphy to Create Compound Word Poems. Teachers will also collaborate to make a Yoko Ono-inspired “wish tree” and will write messages of peace on origami cranes to “crane bomb” the conference space. Through their participation in NCTA “Teaching about Asia” seminars and study tours to China, Japan and Korea, the session leaders have developed authentic lessons for teaching students about the art and culture of East Asia. Information will also be provided on how teachers can enroll in a free NCTA “Teaching about Asia” seminar in their region and the benefits/resources available through the NCTA network, including the publication, “Peace Education in the Japan and U.S.: Curricula for U.S. Classrooms,” along with many other take-away materials.

Stacey Gross Illinois Art Educator of the Year, 2015 (Centennial High School)
Lisa Hirkaler Sussex County, NJ Teacher of the Year, 2015 (Vernon Township High School)
Pearl Lau New York City Art Educator of the Year, 2012 (PS 230 in Brooklyn)
Registration and Info:

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Offered to: All States
Additional Information: Hands-On Studio Workshop (Ticketed/2 hours)