Art History, AP Studio and NCTA

Start Date: March 2, 2017
End Date: March 2, 2017
Time Detail: 4:00-4:50
Location: Sheraton/Empire Ballroom West/2nd Floor AP - NY City
Type of Course: Other
Audience: National Association of Art Educators (NAEA) Annual Convention
Course Description: AP Art History has a new framework focusing on several East Asian works. This session focuses on an overview of Asian art and the different ways to approach it within the K-12 school system, beginning with the traditional arts in their respective periods, all the way to contemporary artists such as Ai Wei Wei and Xu Bing, exploring how contemporary Asian artists use traditional methods to respond to the modern ethos of change and challenge, politically, socially and artistically. Three award winning teachers share practical art making explorations that we have successfully incorporated into our classes from elementary, to high school AP Art History and AP Studio, with regional focus on Japan, China, Korea, and Southeast Asia, followed by questions and discussion. This session is not just about the advanced student but will delve into ways of knowing and understanding that can reach the younger student, and the less academic student, using art as a way to understand global perspectives.

Lisa Hirkaler Sussex County, NJ Teacher of the Year, 2015 (Vernon Township High School)
Stacey Gross Illinois Art Educator of the Year, 2015 (Centennial High School)
Pearl Lau New York City Art Educator of the Year, 2012 (PS 230 in Brooklyn)
Registration and Info:

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Offered to: All States